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Our Fine Champagne Seasonal Tastings, Tours and Events are designed to help you develop your very own journey around Champagne.

Take a look at the current Tours and Events on offer and join us to explore the culture of Champagne, taste the beautiful wines, and learn more about how champagne is created.

Coming up this year……

…………………………. As an events based business we’ve been unable to deliver many of the events we had planned this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand and respect the need to protect lives and keep people safe, so with that in mind, we have looked at the opportunities that we can take advantage of to keep serving you some champagne.

We are able to offer you a superb home based, outdoor, personal champagne tasting event, either with or without our Champagne Van. We can deliver a safe, socially distanced tasting of 6 champagnes and a choice of pairings to complement, in your own garden. We have a 3×3 gazebo which we can bring if needed, or, if space allows, we can drive on site and use our van as the stage!

So whilst are opportunities are limited why not consider a home champagne tasting party and have us fill your guests with fun filled facts about champagne, delight them with some great glasses of bubbles, and all in a safe controlled way.

Find out more below and contact us directly for prices.