Sharing My Passion For Champagne

A very warm welcome to The Fine Champagne Experience. I hope you have had a browse through the site and can see that we are all about champagne events and experiences.

For over 20 years now, I have had a true passion for champagne. Being lucky enough to spend over a year living and working in Paris back in 1998 gave me an opportunity to explore, and I found myself drawn back to the Champagne region time and time again.  My passion runs much deeper than just the pleasure of a glass. During that year and since, I have come to appreciate that Champagne is not just a region, its an environment. Its not just vineyards, its landscape. Its not just buildings, its architecture. Its not just information, its history. It’s not just people, its characters. Champagne is not just a wine, it is an expression of all those things and more. Experience champagne and you experience the people, the culture, the environment, the artistry, and the passion.

The four seasons offer us a great sense of Champagne. Each season offers a different perspective of the environment, and how that contributes to the making of the wine. Through the seasons and everything that goes with them, champagne can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Through my passion and my travels in and around Champagne, I have created the Fine Champagne Experience. If you share some of my passion, then I hope what I offer is of interest. I am not a tour operator or a holiday company, I create experiences where I hope people would like to join me so that we can share our love of this wonderful wine.

Much of my passion is enjoyed through my wonderful vintage van which is the perfect champagne bar, and available for any type of event. Let me know if you’d be interested in having me along!

All of the experiences are associated with lifestyle activities and the seasons and take place in the UK or in Champagne – why not take a look and start your journey exploring champagne. My tastings are also centred around the seasons and I try my best to make all interactions fun and informative, but importantly inclusive.

I hope champagne provides an opportunity for us to share our experiences whatever the season may be.